I want to share with you some moments of songwriting inspiration & cover tunes that mean something to me. Hope you can hear something of yourself in these brief live recordings from my living room.

Shay Music

Here and Now(original)

The Badhearts(original)

Witness (cover / Sarah McLachlan)

Not #Nice (original)

Angry Sheets for #tinydeskcontest (original)

Soldier (original)

Mind Over Matter (cover / Young the Giant)

Survival of the Fittest (original)

Blue Moon (cover)

My Favorite Things (cover/The Sound of Music) #holiday #rehearsal

Labour of Love (cover / Frente)

Cool on Your Island (cover / Tori Amos)

Untogether (cover / Belly)

Slow Dive (original)

Cough Syrup (cover / Young the Giant)

Sad Songs & Waltzes (cover / Cake, Willie Nelson)

Angry Sheets (original)

Coffee Jingle (original)